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Frequently asked questions

First you'll provide us with your address and answer some basic questions about the home and your selling goals. Our team will then reach out to obtain any additional information needed to provide you with your free cash offer.

If you decide to move forward with our offer, we'll work with you to determine a closing date.

We do not list your house on the MLS. We will actually purchase it from you with cash.

We work only in Northeast Florida and therefore we're very familiar with home values in the area as well as the market conditions. We'll look at your properties location, condition and what money we'll need to invest after purchasing the property to make it rentable or resellable. With that information we'll come up with a fair price that works for both you and us.

Maybe. You'll almost certainly deal with a lot more stress and the process will take a lot longer to complete. Real estate agents will list your house and try to find somebody else to buy it. There's no guarantee that they'll find a buyer. During that listing process, you'll need to allow showings (people into your house), you'll need to negotiate offers, deal with inspections, potential buyer financing and so much more. That's why it often takes months if not years to sell a house with a realtor.

Our process is simple. We come in, make you a cash offer and if you accept we give you cash on the closing date you request. Often times, our offer price will be less then what a realtor says the house can sell for but you have to weight the time and money you'll need to put into the house in order to achieve that higher price. It's a trade off.

No, there are no commissions or fees when you sell the house directly to us.

There's no catch and we always try to be as transparent as possible. We find and pay cash for houses that may need a little work or our expertise to make them profitable. We take all the risk in that we'll be able to invest money into your house and make a profit on the backend. Sellers (like yourself) appreciate that we're able to pay cash and close quickly and take all that work off their shoulders.

In almost all properties we buy, it's a win-win for both the seller and us.

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Ready to sell? Claim your free offer!

The offer is free, no strings attached. Best case scenario, we buy your house on your terms. Worst case, you get an idea of your houses's market value at no cost to you.

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